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Error Message During Update

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I have had SAS on this XP computer for quite awhile and updated to version 4.26.1006 just a few days ago. During an update a short time ago it was proceeding well and then I got an error message that my firewall might be blocking the update, complete with the "kerplunk" sound effect. Somehow I got rid of this error box and the update went on to complete. I did change my AV to AntiVir from Avast about a week ago but no problem until this update.

I wonder what might be going on since I have the similar error message when MBAM got to version 1.47, and that program will not update on this XP computer but on my other one with Vista it mostly updates with no problem but occasionally send up an error message. I mentioned this other product because I wonder if something that causes updates to time out or just stop is affecting updates and downloads of various types. I must mention that I am on dial up at the present time, :oops: , but that should be changed before too long. Other than this little hiccup, SAS has downloaded with ease and does its scans with no problems. Thanks for any ideas.

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