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Scheduling a scan

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Hi, When I set up SAS pro to do a full system scan at say Wed at 1:00 PM it does not scan my system when the scheduled time occurs. I have SAS displaying in my system tray at PC start up at all times. When I click on scheduled scanning, I check off "scan my computer according to the following schedule" I select "complete system scan", Under scan options, I check off "automatically quarantine and remove infected files" and "check for definition updates before scanning". Under scan frequency, I select Wednesday. Under scan time, I enter 1:00 PM and then hit close option, and close option again.

Can someone tell me why this is not working and what I have to do to fix this. I appreciate the help and time.


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I seem to have similar problems trying to set a specific time for automatic scan. SAS continues to pretty much do as it wishes. Your suggested fix was to repair SAS thru Windows startup. Exactly how does one do that? :?

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