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Error when running SAS

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I was getting an error when I tried to install SAS, got the SAS_Free install file and was able to run the program.

However, when I tried to run SAS after it was installed I got an error again, SAS has encountered and error and must close... I tried to run it in safe mode and still got the error.

I saved a copy of SAS in the program directory (named "Copy of Superantispyware.exe" ) and was able to get SAS to run (had the same problem with Malwarebytes, had to change mbam.exe to another file name (I used kevin.exe) and it worked, just couldn't update the program since the mbam-setup.exe also wouldn't run.

Is there a particular piece of malware I need to look for to correct this, is there something in the registery that whenever either mbam or superantispyware is invoked there is an error generated or the executable hangs up in a loop or freezes?



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