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Trojan.Smitfraud Variant-Gen/Bensorty.SharedTaskScheduler

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Hoe can I get rid of Trojan.Smitfraud Variant-Gen/Bensorty.SharedTaskScheduler? This tool does not seem able to do so.


Summary : Trojan.Smitfraud Variant-Gen/Bensorty.SharedTaskScheduler

Company : Unknown

Description : Component Smitfraud variant trojan

Threat Level (1-10) : 7

Processes : *



CLSID List : {C5AF42A3-94F3-42BD-F434-3604832C897D}


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I just had the same issues, also W32sillyFDC Trojan. Every time I would get rid of it, the darn thing would pop-up again, sorry to say the software wouldn't work. This one seems to be a newer Trojan as I couldn't find any solutions to fix it, many newer questions on the web about it. (I had to use my laptop) The Trojan would point me to - Vacmoresherry.com when ever I used my browser, after 11 hours of total frustration I re-formated my hard drive, not a simple solution but that's how I got rid of it.

Best of luck.


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