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Update Ordeal

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O/S: Windows Vista Home Premium

I received the notification for update (auto-update) and started doing the update from 4.26.1002 -> 1004. Of course the first message I got was I needed to be an Admin - which is allright, I started SAS as Admin and started auto-update. Looked like everything went fine, I was asked to reboot - which I did. And when SAS came up again, it is still v 1002 :!:

So, had to pursue the manual update route - download, uninstall and reinstall :roll: That works great - only issue is digging out the registration code so that it can be registered again (which myself adhering to such nice orderliness :oops: is an ordeal in itself). So, question, is there a way to uninstall SAS but still maintain the registration info, so I don't have to search for it?

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double click the superantispyware icon

Click the Preference tab

click the Help Tab

Look in the middle on the left side where it says "Product Registration Number"

this is your registration number that you will need if you have to reinstall the program again

Copy the number and put it in a safe place- preferably off your computer


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