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Windows 7 + SUPERAntiSpyware = BSOD

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OK, so recently (about a week ago) I upgraded from Windows Vista x86 to Windows 7 build 7057. Upon completion of installation, I turned everything on, and promptly got a blue screen of death. For a while I was unable to locate the cause of this problem and eventually in safe mode, I turned off all unnecessary startup programs and wah la, Windows 7 booted up great. Well now a week later, I find out how to use virtual drives and stuff and decide that I want to upgrade from build 7057 to build 7100 (or RC1). As I was doing this, it asked that I uninstall a few programs with compatibility issues, one of which was SUPERAntiSpyware. I go to uninstall it and at the end of the installation process, BOOM! my BSOD has come back. I turned my pc back on in safe mode, and it wont let me uninstall it because of some error. Upon reading the FAQ here I learn that you cannot be in safe mode while uninstalling this program. However I will receive a BSOD if I try to uninstall it in normal mode. HeLp Me, I'm sure theres a command prompt command of some sort to help get rid of it, but i have noooo idea what it would be.



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