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Installation Folder Issue

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For the last few months I have been installing programs on a second internal hard drive, with the drive letter of F. To upgrade the program to version 4,26,0,1000, I decided to do a clean install, as the previous version was still on the C drive. So I uninstalled the previous version and, when installing and the time came to choose a folder to install to, I used the browse button to change from the standard C:\Program Files folder to point it to F:\ProgramFiles2.

When the installation was complete, I checked the installation folder and found that SAS had not created a subfolder to install to--instead, the files were copied to the ProgramFiles2 folder. I thought this might happen since the new folder was not spelled out in the filepath after I had browsed to the destination folder, but I have been installing other programs that also don't inform you that a new folder will be created, but they do create a folder to hold their program's files, so I thought this would be the same. I'm sure an SAS folder gets created if it doesn't already exist in C:\Program Files, why doesn't it happen for whatever folder I point it to on my F drive and is that by design?

Here is the data from my shortcut properties if that will help:

Target: F:\ProgramFiles2\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe

Start in: F:\ProgramFiles2\

I didn't think this was very important as I planned to just do another clean install and type in a folder name. Before that happened I read about the Uninstaller Assistant so I downloaded it and used it to uninstall 4,26,0,1000 from my F drive. That turned out to be a mistake, since the entire ProgramFiles2 folder was deleted. That included other programs that had been installed to that folder--the installation folders and files of six other programs were deleted. Fortunately, doing a System Restore got them back for me. But now I am back to 4,26,0,1000 installed on F without its own installation folder and unsure how to proceed. If I use the regular uninstaller (thru Add/Remove), will my ProgramFiles2 folder get deleted again? How do I uninstall if so? I am pretty good at doing a manual uninstall, but with SAS self protection I imagine there is more to it than usual. Please PM me with instructions if this is something that shouldn't be posted in public. I do hope this will be corrected so it doesn't happen to someone else--any help I can be in that regard do please let me know.

I'm running XP SP3, AntiVir and Windows Firewall.

BTW, the download page says the latest version is now 4.26.1002, so I downloaded it and plan to install it when I get the previous version uninstalled. But the home page still says the latest version is 4,26,0,1000.

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Thank you very much for the response. But it doesn't really answer my concerns. What you are suggesting I have already figured out and am just curious if this is by design. Why do most other programs create their own installation directories, but SAS doesn't?

My major concern is how to uninstall SAS without deleting the entire ProgramFiles2 folder and all its contents. When I did the System Restore, I returned back to the state where SAS is installed and working, but without being in its own installation folder. Last time I tried to uninstall when path to the main executable is F:\ProgramFiles2\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe, the entire ProgramFiles2 folder and all its contents were deleted. When I lose the contents of the ProgramFiles2 folder, that means I lose the installation folders and files of six other programs installed in that folder. I would rather not have to go thru reinstalling all six programs because of SAS--I can't reinstall all anyway because some are from giveaway of the day, so the license can ony be registered on the day the program is downloaded. And I would rather not have to use System Restore again as it does occasionally fail and besides,after using it, I am always going to have SAS not in its own installation folder.

I have an idea how to do it, but would rather hear from you at SAS support--surely there is a more convenient way to remove the improper installation without leaving a big mess behind in the registry. I have recommended SAS numerous times at a major security forum, along with some others so I'm sure you have profited some because of me. Surely you can help me out with this little problem.

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