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Could SAS have blocked a port?

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I've been running SAS Free Edition for about a month. I return home from a trip yesterday, and find I no longer can access the Internet via an Ethernet-connected cable-modem connection. Speaking at length with Cablevision tech support, we're pretty sure that something is blocking a port - they indicate that firewall software or anti-spyware applications are usually to blame. I'm not running a firewall, so trying to figure out if SAS could be doing this.

One other piece of data... When in a hotel this week, I was getting error messages about conflicting IP addresses. I think this was due to having both wireless and wired connections available, and using both. I wondering if this could have set something into action.

Any thoughts on what my next steps should be?


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Thanks for the reply. I'm still in the mode of eliminating possibilities, so I can now eliminate SAS as the cause.

I'm leaving my cable-modem off for 48 hours to force it to find a new IP address. I'm not optimistic that I'll solve it with that approach, but it's one more thing to try.

The problem is isolated to my primary laptop only when going through the ethernet connection to the cable modem. Another laptop works fine on the same connection. Primary laptop via dial-up or wireless works fine. The Ethernet NIC itself seems to work fine.

Totally bizzare... :shock:

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