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winlogon.exe 100% after SAS scan?

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Got a customer's machine infected with something. I had removed the hard drive removed for scans with numerous other antivirus/antispyware programs.

Upon replacing the hard drive, I installed SAS Pro and initiated a scan with no problems. When I next checked the machine an hour so later, it was unresponsive and appeared to have crashed. I had no choice but to do a hard reset.

Now, the computer will not properly load up to the Windows desktop of any profile, even in safe mode. Checking task manager shows that the cause is winlogon.exe running constantly at 100% CPU usage.

Unfortunately system restore has been disabled previously, even if I could get it to run.

I have tried replacing winlogon.exe and userinit.exe with clean versions from the XP CD. Also tried a repair install of XP and running ReImage, but nothing has any effect. I have even removed the hard drive to be rescanned externally, but nothing is detected. Also tried running ChkDsk, no joy.

Any ideas?

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