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Can't update SAS manually or thru web

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I am running SAS 4.26.1000 on XP PRO SP2.

defintion DB v

core=3855 trace=1807,

defintions updated 04/09/2009.

The "check for update" button fails, first I see: "checking for updates", then I get this msg: "There was an error trying to retreive defintions....".

I made sure zonealarm firewall is not blocking SAS. Also I am able to get to google, etc.

I exited SAS, then I downloaded the latest SASDEFINITIONS.EXE and ran it, it said it was for

core defs: 3855 04/20/2009

trace defs:1807 04/20/2009


but when I run SAS again it still says: defintions updated 04/09/2009, why doesn't it say 4/20 or todays date 4/21?

And why does "CHECK FOR UPDATES" fail all togehter?

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