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Hotmail account emails deleted

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i was using microsoft hotmail account. i found all my emails were deleted-everything- i was told antispyware programs can cause this disappearance.. they mistake the spyware or cookies for trojans etc.

i used SAS (free version)for the first time. then later on the next day or two i noticed all my current homail emails were gone but my deleted emails were untouched. so i was okay.

yesterday- i found all my emails are gone. i have nothing left

please advise and thanks

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i am sorry for the delay. the log and the quarantine was deleted. it is a long story to explain.

my question is: is it possible that sas is not compatible with spanish computers or european computers?

repeating the story. simplistic mode-

install sas on a friend's computer which was configured for spain. windows xp.

found many trojans etc. we quarantined it.

next day we find the hotmail emails were deleted but not the trash emails.

then following day... all the hotmail emails are gone including the trash. all correspondence records are gone.

after hearing the story, the school computer experts determined it was the syware program fault.

i was told to un-quarentine the trojans which supposedly will restore the emails. it did not.

other advisors opined sas was too powerful and not compatible with euroopean computers. (spanish)


i have my thoughts but i do not want to influence other posters replies. thanks

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i will get back to you in a few days. the person i "assisted" is not accessible at this time.

i do agree with you- sas is universally adaptable.

also the password was changed and could be entered. but alas, the emails are all gone.


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actually if I may, a week or so ago, A virus hit one of the main MSN Servers and tons of people world wide lost there emails and even there inbox disappeared, some folks didn't lose there inbox and others did

I work with Windows live messenger as a chat inspector, and your isssue sounds like that's what happen is your friend got hit by that server downfall, There "IS" A way to recover your email. and If this is what I think it is, has nothing to do with SAS


what you need to do is, log into windowslivehelp and post the excate email address they will remove it once they see it so no one else gets it, and they should reply back to you.

Hope this helps.

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