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New Guy :)

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I'm new to the forums and i had a question regarding SASW Pro.

Recently my PC died and after building a new one i attempted to re-download my SASW pro version and for whatever reason my account is lost on the net some were. I contacted CS about this and there was little they could do, (not there fault). My question is... Can i get the Pro version on a disk? And if so, is it the same fee as the Download?

Thanx in advance : T. Gavin

PS, Kudos to CS for there efforts, I honestly cant figure why my information was lost :(

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I can't understand why Customer could not help you to find your purchase. What do you mean "my account is lost on the net some were"?

Please explain.


What happened is this, My wife ordered me the program and she is a bit paranoid about giving any personal info out over the net. I'm going to assume that she placed the order under an assumed name,address,tele etc.

This is not the first time i have ran into issues like this. The information she provided is in all respects so completely random it could be anything. I took a shot at retrieving it, But that's not going to happen.

Hence my comment regarding CS and there attempts to assist and it NOT being any fault on the part of SASW!

Cheers :oops:

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Superantispyware website is a secured website so she should not have a problem giving info out to them, besides you have to give a credit card to purchase it and there you must give your info.so i am confused. If you emailed Customer Service they should be able to look up your credit card info. You should do this before you go purchase another copy.

If not you can always download the software and burn it to a disk. When you register online you are given a registration number to put into the program. You also receive an email with the registration number. All you need to do is print it out and put it in a safe place.


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