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Right click scanning with SAS

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The right click scanning option only appears when the SAS window is open. After the scan the SAS window closes and the right click SAS option is removed.

I would like the right click SAS option to remain displayed and active.



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I also have this problem with SAS Free Edition. There is no right-click scan option available in Windows Explorer unless SAS is open. And even if SAS is open, the right-click scan option only works if a folder is selected, not a drive. That is a problem, as one of the most important uses I have for SAS is to scan USB sticks that people give me when we share files. There are so many types of malware on these that I really want a quick way to selectively scan such external drives.

Without that right-click option, it is rather inconvenient to scan selectively with SAS. For example, when I try to use the 'Scan selected' option in the SAS window, it always spends the first 10-15 minutes scanning my C drive (memory, registry, etc). So if I only want to scan my D drive (ie external USB drive), I have to first uncheck all the options to scan Memory, Registry, Startup and Cookies. Then I have to Browse Folders to select the D drive. Only then can the selective scan I want get started.

Apart from this, SAS is a great product! I use it to remove a lot of stuff, usually off other peoples' USB sticks.


Using Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit, with all latest updates.

PS: I recommend Panda USB vaccine to stop all 'autorun.inf' infections on USB sticks. It's a free utility. Explanation and download site are here:

http://research.pandasecurity.com/archi ... ccine.aspx

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