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JaeHyung Lee

Korean Language file

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This is korean language file for commercial superantispyware.

it's perfected but some strings are not translated because there is not contained in the language file.

and one string below is missing by administrator in the language.

"Preview and Send E-Mail"

"Preview your e-mail and complete the tell a friend process."

and the length of some strings are so shorted.

for example) the part of word is cuted when 'Update' is translated into korean. only appeared like the 'Uda', '???'. / (the word corrected : ????)

this word is unable to more shorten.

i request this problem and otheres to administrator but he doesn't replied to me for anything.

anyway, some korean request to translate to superantispyware. so i translated it.

if you need to superantispyware will be supported by korean language, please add into the superantispyware.

thanks for great service.

korean language link: http://www.webnest.net/kolanp/pds/SA_Korean_Language.zip

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