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Will quick scan resolve most infection vs a full scan

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I own a pc repair business, and going on site and waiting several hours for full scans deters people from getting service

or being disgruntled when I charge them for that amount of time. Will the quick scan be sufficient?


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Personally, I would be very disgruntled if I spent time and money to take my computer to a repair shop only to find that full scans were NOT run on my computer. I don't think removing "most infections" should be your objective. It should be removing ALL infections. JMO.

From the SAS Help on "Complete Scan"

However, our position is that thoroughness is more important than speed.......

A Quick Scan does scan the most common places spyware/adware is installed; however, that is certainly not all inclusive.

Can you not be doing other things/computers while a SAS Complete Scan is being performed on a computer, thereby, eliminating/reducing the need to charge by the hour? Just a thought. :wink:

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