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Adware.tracking Cookie "*****@doubleclick[1].txt"

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SUPERAntiSpyware scannes out this "Adware.tracking Cookie" which is suppose to be located in "C:\Documents and Settings\VenoM\Cookies"

(i cannot find that folder i dunno why (hidden folders vissible))

and the Adware.tracking Cookie called "venom@doubleclick[1].txt" (venom - my xp user name) isnt letting me sign into Windows Live Messenger 2009.

please if someone know something about this "*****@doubleclick[1].txt" and from which site am I getting it.

i get it every few weeks....

i can delete it with SUPERAntiSpyware and than WLM2009 works but im just asking how can i prevent from Getting it.

Thank You.

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To block doubleclick (and other adware/tracking cookies) go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > select block third party cookies.

A more thorough approach is to install a hosts file. I use the one at mvps.org.

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That seems odd. A cookie shouldn't prevent you from signing in to anything.

well it does

when i try to sing into WLM 2009 i get an error reffering to a connection problem or something

when i run a scan with SUPERAntiSpyware it founds this

and when i delete it i can login

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