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SAS Pro Overactive

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Each day I run a scan with the latest paid version of SAS on my XP Pro SP3 PC. For the past few days it has been using ever more of my CPU and I can only describe it as sucking the life out of the system. This degradation comes on slowly as the scan progresses.

The symptoms are that it changes and/or removes the colors from browser buttons and other parts of the apps, it makes my Eudora in box appear to be empty or only partially there, fails to display all that should be appearing on the screen, and all but prevents me from using the other apps, which are just my Opera browser and Eudora.

Yesterday when the scan finished I was presented with a box asking me to log back on to my computer as it was now locked, something I had NEVER seen before. Luckily, I was able to get back on by just hitting enter.

Even after the 30 minute scan completes, I cannot seem to get normal control of Opera and Eudora. SAS does not report finding any malware.

When I restart the PC all returns to normal.

My system is fully patched as indicated by Secunia's PSI.

Is there a SAS parm somewhere that can be changed to fix this?

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Thanks for your attention.

My CSR is CSR00027725

Bart Hansen

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