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superantispyware update from 2.25 to 2.26

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I know that to install superantispyware version updates you need admin rights.

so i logged on to my admin account and got superantispyware to check for update. it told me an upgrade is avaliable. I clicked on download and install now.

it told me i needed admin rights to install the update.

my operating system is vista home premium 64bit.

the only way i could install the update was to shutdown superantispyware and then right click the file and run as administrator.

this happerned when i upgraded from 2.24 to 2.25 as well.

is this meant to happern?

surely when you click on download and install now I should get a uac prompt? it would then up the rights to admin and then install the update then lower rights?

im wondering if the same thing would happern if i ran a scan on vista on the admin account and it found malware. would it say dont have admin rights cannot remove malware? btw my computer is malware free.

On the same note if it doesnt have admin rights it wouldnt be able to scan in certain locations.

the update worked fine on my windows xp box.

i have been using superantispyware for quite along time now and am genrally very happy with the product but the above are a few concerns when running sas on vista.

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It's a 64-bit issue. We have a version in internal testing that should resolve all such issues.

Nick were you aware that apparently 32 -bit also has the same issue?

Refer General Questions thread "Updating SAS Pro", page 2, where "lilmama" answered your question "Are you on 64-bit?" with "No --32"

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Same problem here. I am logged in with admin rights but the updates refuse to install telling me that I need admin rights.

This needs to be fixed.

Vista 64

Registered superantispyware.

Herbert Cravener

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Hi --

I submitted this problem earlier -- a straight (1) uninstall -- (2) download current product (3) install (4) activate using your lifetime activation code works.

I agree that It will be nice when this isn't required.


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