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SuperAdBlocker and Internet Explorer 8

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HI Guys:

I am haveing a problem with the new Internet Explorer 8 with SuperAdBlocker. I added a small post in another topic, but was not related to that subject, so I am posting here to get others feedback about this problem I am having.

I have contacted SuperAdBlocker and they cannot duplicate my problem, so I hope others may be having this problem and bring it to light.

After installing Internet Explorer 8 I no longer have the right mouse click option while using Internet Explorer 8 on web pages. When I am on a web page and then want to right click the mouse, the options do not come up (copy/past/print/etc) there is no disply when I right click.

If I turn off superadblocker and restart Internet Explorer 8 the right click option works correctly. Turn on superadblocker and use internet explorer 8 and the right click options fale to work again.

I have two computers. Computer #1 Gateway laptop - 2g memory - 300g harddrive - vista premium (with all updates). Computer #2 Gateway desktop - 8g memory - 600g hardrive - vista premium (with all updates).

Any help would be appreaciated.

Thank you very much sOulbAit

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I had IE8 on both computers and had originally only noticed that I could not utilize new tabs the way that I had originally done in version 7. I usually would hold control and click a link, or right click and click "Open in new tab". I thought the problem was with IE8, and uninstalled. On both computers, control/click did not open a new tab. One one, only "Open in new tab" was missing from the right click menu, and on the other there was nothing on a right click. Closing SuperAdBlocker solved all problems. I'm hoping you can fix that glitch soon.

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Hi Guys:

Thank you very very much for the link to the new SuperAdBlocker.

I downloaded the new SuperAdBlocker and the uninstall program.

Ran the uninstall program and rebooted. Installed the new SuperAdBlocker and all went well. Added my code and registered it.

I am now testing it to see how it goes... So far all is working perfect.

Glad to see that you took out the SuperAntiSpyware out of it. Now it is a smaller and more efficient program. Hats off to you on this great program.

One thing I saw for the first time was my Norton Internet Security 2010, it popped up with a screen and said, I was one of the first Norton Internet Security users to install this program. It recomended me to wait untill other have tried it. hehehhehehehe

Thanks again for releasing this program. This is one program I can not live without.

Yall are super. Thanks


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