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Vista and transferring licence

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I have a hard drive caddy that is use to swap 2 hard drives.

1 is for my normal computing with Vista,

and the other for XP to run my train simulators.

I have noticed that when I transfer the licence from XP there is not a problem,

however, when I transfer from Vista it does not work, this had been going on for some time, maybe a year.

I have had to get my licence updated because Vista cant transfer it, I have had a lot of problems,

3 motherboards went down in the past year and had to be replaced - I took the opportunity to change to another mobo

so the licence had to be transferred each time.

then I changed graphic cards to get a good one for XP.

anyway, why cant Vista transfer it ?

Along with a lot of ESET ESS users I am having a problem with the firewall shutting down after about 30 minutes and stopping

acccess to the 'net.

I've just re-installed Vista to see if I had a possible corruption of a file ot two or something. I just installed ESET V4 and Vista updates.

I've on-line now for 1 hour and 13 minutes - fingers crossed. In the ESET forum a poster posted that he re-installed Vista and that worked for him.

Hopefully when I install SAS it will be activated OK.

SAS is a great program, so good I recommend it a lot.


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