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Cannot install Superantispyware-Free or Pro-Trial

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I am trying to install the free & Pro trial version of Super antispyware but i am not able to do the same

If download the same and save it before running it, i get the error that it is corrupted.

If i run it directly without saving, i get the security warning that there is no digital signature so i cannot install.

I have tried downloading in the safe mode and all sorts of tricks but to no avail,

I have even changed the name of the .exe file to sk30.exe to fool the virus, if any, but no result.

I am using Windows XP SP3 with comodo firewall, PCTools spyware doctor-free ver, Spybot, spywareblaster and Avira antivirus premium as my other security softwares.

I am in touch with the Superantispyware team also but they have not been able to solve my problem.

In my laptop where I have the 1012 ver, i am able to update the database, but i cannot update the new version.

It keeps downloading the new SuperAntiSpyware.exe file again and again without updating it. I have tried it several times.

Can anyone provide me with a solution as i am really keen to have this software as my non live antispyware

Please help me


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