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Interesting Read Concerning SAS

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I agree with a lot of that. Adaware is a bit unstable, I found anyway. Spybot was probably the best a few years ago. A few months ago it missed a trojan on my laptop that SAS found. I have never rated Spybot's scanner anyway. MBAM used to have updating problems, although that has been improved, it still won't remove tracking cookies. I run a full SAS scan every Saturday. I feel pretty safe knowing I have SAS. It was the first anti-malware program I downloaded & is still the only one to have never given me any trouble. I waved goodbye to Bugbot...sorry, Spybot yesterday. I had a hell of a time just uninstalling it. It nearly gave me a funny turn :shock: LOL. I still rate SAS as the best on the market.

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I would just like to say that I have been using SAS for just over an entire year now. It has never given me any trouble (unlike some anti-malware apps I could mention) & once found a trojan that both Spybot, MS Defender & Norton missed (apart from Defender I don't have either of those on my computer now). I can honestly say that when I buy a new laptop sometime next year I will buy SAS. I am using the freeware version at the moment, but even that is first rate. :D

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