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How do i remove this program that keeps messying with my computer? any help would be great.I have norton on computer and trying not to buy another computer right now.barbie :cry:

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Here is my recommendation:

1. Go to the link below and download/install the Home Users Free version of SAS.


2. Once installed, go to the link below and update the Core/Trace definitions for SAS. (The free version of SAS does not activate automatic liveupdate). Just click on "Download Installer" and follow the wizard to install the latest definitions.


3. Reboot your computer into SAFE MODE

4. Run a Complete Scan of your system with SAS. Let it quarantine everything it detects as malicious.

5. Reboot your computer back into Normal Mode

6. Post back here the scan log from SAS. The scan log is found on the Statistics/Logs tab after you click on Preferences of the main SAS window.

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