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Blue Screen upon normal startup after scan/restart

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I did a scan that picked up 52 threats including prunnet, and after that let the program restart the PC as requested. Afterwards I wasn't even able to make it to the windows loading screen and it would immediately blue screen. Fortunately Safe Mode still worked, but I did not know if SAS completed its scan, because I had to completely shut down my PC and then enter safe mode that way. I then did a scan with a different scanner (MBAM) and it detected 32 threats. I should of done it with SAS first to see if it picked up the same threats or not but that thought didn't enter my mind till later, plus I wanted to do the quickest scan possible at the moment.

But even after that and one SAS scan later, on startup I recieved an error saying that a program named "4.tmp" had to unexpectedly shutdown and sure enough was in my Sys32 folder, created on the same day. So im still infected. Any advice on what I should do next would be appreciated. I would also like to know if its perfectly OK to restart in safe mode after a scan, and if that will be sufficient to allow it to complete its scans.

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