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Antivirus 360 Problem

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First, I would have her download/install/run CCleaner to clean up all the temporary junk from her system. CCleaner v2.16.830 - Slim from the link below.


Probably many of the items that SAS is seeing is tracking cookies, etc., that CCleaner will clean off the system. BE sure to tell her not to run the Registry cleaning component of CCleaner.

Then have her run a SAS scan and email the log to you. Post the log back here. That will allow some further investigation before she quarantines things.

Since she has already quarantined some 500 items, is her system still running okay? And are there any symptoms that Antivirus 360 is still present?

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Also what is her primary security software- Norton, McAfee, etc?

Is the subscription active and is she keeping it updated and running scans with it?

Perhaps she needs a suite like NIS 2009 to help keep her clean.

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