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Resource usage?

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I don't know, this seems un-real. Look at the screenshot in my computer. I'm running on Windows XP SP 3, 2 GB RAM.

http://img220.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... d01pn2.jpg

Is this Windows task manager's fault at tracking resource usage or did SuperAntiSpyware that ginormous? I tried to disable real time protection, but it didn't make resource usage lower. Please help me with this. I want to enjoy real time protection that SuperAntiSpyware offer without making nonsense resource usage. And do get this too in your system?

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Hello, I am not sure I understand your question correctly, but by what is shown in your picture SAS is tiny. It is using the least amount of memory compared with the other processes shown in your task manager. I have a similar number for my system. The information you provided shows no problem with SAS.

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