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I just installed the latest version of SAS and after scanning the program crashes and a dialog box appears that says something about a pure visual basic error. Unfortunately I did not write down the text in the error message. Due to the fact that my system had quite a number of threats found I uninstalled the program, reinstalled the old version I had (which is 4.0.1154), updated the definition database and ran a scan to remove those threats. It either did not find the 1056 threats found by the latest version or that version actually did remove them before it crashed. The point where it crashed was during the part where it says it's removing the threats. But I am not sure if it did or not because the program usually says I need to reboot after that, but it crashed before it got that far.

I had planned to purchase the pro version so I can have the "Real Time Protection" feature, but I would assume if I did that I would most likely be getting the latest version. So I was wondering if that VB error has ever come up before, and if there is something I can do about it. Or can I get a pro version of 4.0.1154?

Thanks in advance... :D

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