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New Msn Virus and realtime scanner

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My son clicked a MSN virus link today: foto?? ha ha :P "webadress"his email@hotmail.com

SAS pro realtimescanner reacted and said that the application was blocked but our computer got infected anyway and spammed all his friends (who was online) with the same message.

Shouldn't the realtime scanner terminate the malware completely and stop it from speading? strange.....

After a complete scan SAS found the malvare and removed it.

BTW My Norton antivirus did not react at all, one of his friends who use Nod 32 was protected ant the malware was terminated.

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Ok. Would be nice with some kind of "history" for the realtime scanning and not just the logfile from ordinary scans

Anyway, the problem with the virus is solved. Thanks for a great program!

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I used to be with norten untill I got recommend by a friend Kaspersky internet security 2009.

I cannot thank the software enough as it is what I have need to sort all problems out.

Plus sas dosnt interup kis.

kis is cheaper than norten.

One of the features is it updates atomatically in the back ground.

Plus many more.

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