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SAS Professional - Updating problems

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since a couple of days I am having trouble updating on a winme computer. SAS becomes non-responsive.

Restored the winme computer back to January 19, 2009 with:

Core3723 Trace 1697 (Definitions updated : 01/19/2009 06.26 PM

Program version 4.25.1012

I just downloaded the Installer for today's updates to give it a try, IF that would work. As I rebooted the computer and tried to open SAS Professional, it froze. Restored again back to January 19, 2009 and I can open the program again.

Never had any problems updating. Any ideas what causes this?

Thanks !

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A few other 9x kernel users have reported a "sluggish" pc with 4.25.xxxx, so you may want to uninstall the current version and revert back to 4.24.xxxx.

Read more: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2500&start=15

WinME was always a crap shoot for stability. If your pc will handle a newer OS I'd recommend that you consider Windows 2000 or Windows XP if you have at least 300MHz and 256MB ram. You can pick up an inexpensive copies from eBay.

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