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1st time user got new one maybe?

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I was hit this morning by an odd virus I haven't seen before took me 20 minutes to defeat it using my wonderful array of Antivirus SW. Here's the symptoms.

#1 It's a video driver virus.

#2 It basically makes your monitor spaz out.

#3 I didn't realize that it was a virus until I changed out monitors and the same things were happening.

I restarted my Registry Mechanic and the Superantivirus along with Mcafee. It must be new to them because none of them stopped it or repaired it. So I finally restored the registry to 11 days ago. This cured the problem. So, if your monitor suddenly decides it should be blurry or it fades to black then goes bright to washout and then little lines start showing up crossing the screen askew then tada you got it. It's not hardware it's a virus. I am reporting it now.

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