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SUPERAntiSpyware Pre-Release 4.25

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Pro version Installed on 3 computers and running with no problems so far.

2 x XP SP3 with Kaspersky AV

1 x XP SP3 with AVG Free

Impressive quality of the pre release versions of your software.

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Vista Home Premium SP1

Well uninstall was a bit of a hustle even using the uninstall utility. After restarting when prompted, my keyboard and mouse just froze right after the welcome screen. I went into safe mode and ran the utility again and restarted going into windows normally. After my mouse worked again inside windows, I went and uninstalled SAS from the add\remove programs which for some reason was still there. Went and checked that the drivers were uninstalled as well. Restarted again, then proceeded to installing 4.25 which installed well and is running fine.


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