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vundo variant

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Hey there everyone!

This is a common problem i know, but I'm just checking everything is ok.

I had Vundo variant on mc PC and SAS got rid of it, upon a system scan it seems to have disappeared, along with the rootkit seneka i had, thanks to SAS team, but can i be sure that it is gone and won't mysteriously come come back? And my Hotmail.com doesn't work is this due to the vundo variant and its hijack? or is this the norm? :wink:

It appears that everything including hotmail does work however, on safari.

I have read your posts saying to boot in safemode etc, but i get a black screen with four arrows whats the problem?

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Yes i have everything appears to be fine, thanks a lot, it went after a few scans but removed it, i think i'll need to re-install internet explorer to get hotmail.com back, for now i'll use safari

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