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SAS problem

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I have SAS on my Vista and so far - no problems. I had it on my WinXP desktop but had to remove because it would not work 'properly' with Norton Internet Security.

I also have on my WinXP notebook and during the past month when I tried to turn off my the notebook, I get a pop-up stating that notebook is trying to close SAS. That stays there for a few seconds and then it states (as far as I can remember) that it cannot shut down SAS; and so I just close the box and turn off the notebook.

Why is this happening?

Why would the SAS be running when I am turning the notebook OFF?

I do not use automatic update or scanning. Someone told me to put the SAS icon on the Taskbar (notifications area), and I wonder if that could be causing the pop-up when shutting off the computer (that SAS is still running and Windows is trying to turn it off).

Anyone have an answer/solution? If not, I will uninstall it, which I would not like to do.


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Hi Alice,

I've just dealt with this same problem today, for the first time. It was on an older Dell laptop running WinXP. I am not absolutely certain that the following actually solved the problem, but this is all I did via a remote session, and the error message about SAS not being able to shut down did not reappear:

In SAS's preferences, select the Hi-Jack Protection tab. Uncheck the box for "Protect home page from being changed. Changes can be made only here."

Of course, this assumes the above mentioned checkbox is currently checked.


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Thanks. I unchecked (on General/Startup Page) the "Show SAS icon in system tray." Also, unchecked "Start SAS when Windows starts." Since then, I have not been getting that SAS message when closing down (so far).

Are you showing SAS icon in system tray? If yes, then maybe that might related to your 'problem.'

I looked in the "Hi-Jack Protection" and see all four boxes are checked.

I have the Free SAS; therefore no scheduled scanning, as far as I know.

Seems many folks have SAS set-up differently and trying to find 'definitive' answers is a bit difficult. As I mentioned, I had it on my desktop, but it would not work with NIS. I have it on my Gateway notebook (WinXPsp3) and Toshiba notebook (Vista). The Gateway was the one that was getting the SAS (running) message on shut-down, but since I removed the SAS icon from tray, have not seen it (so far - fingers crossed).

Thanks again for the message.


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