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Mike Turner

Vista Startup/Shutdown problems

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For quite a while now, I have been having problems starting up and shutting down Vista Ultimate 32 bit SP1.

The shutdown problems are not too severe. They involve a hang of a minute or two, between hitting Restart and the Logging Off message appearing on the screen.

The start up problems are more troublesome, though.

I have several things that run on start up, that put icons in the system tray. The problem is that several of the icons don't appear in the tray, though the processes appear to be running. It is not always the same icons that do not appear, or even the same number of icons. Sometimes, they all appear. Sometimes, it is just an annoyance, at other times, I have to reboot again, because I need the icon to control the application.

I don't know when this started happening, but it has been going on for several weeks - if not months. It appears to be getting worse.

Today, I tried to track down the cause. I discovered that, if I disable SuperAntiSpyware, using msconfig, everything works as it should. As soon as I re-enable SuperAntiSpyware, the problem comes back.

I have not done extensive tests, as I haven't got the time, so I cannot prove that SuperAntiSpyware is the cause, but I have done enough to make me suspect SuperAntiSpyware.

I am running SuperAntiSpyware Pro 4.24.1004 Core 3694 Trace 1670. I have it set to Start when Windows Starts, Show icon in system tray, Integrate with Vista Security Centre, and Real Time protection is enabled.

Any thoughts?


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