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system won't boot, can't start from CD...

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My daughter's computer is infected with Spyware Guard 08. Unfortunately, she let it get to the point where the machine won't boot up at all, even in safe mode.

When I try and boot from the XP CD, the CD spins a bit, then begins to boot from the HD, which just gets stuck.

Forgive me as I don't really know that much about windows...

Is there a way to boot to directory mode or whatever it's called, delete some files, and get the cd drive to work, or something similar?

It is my understanding that the Spyware Guard is what disabled the CD drive, which prevents you from getting rid of it.

I was able to get it off my system sucessfully, but I didn't wait so long to fix it!

Any help would really be appreciated.



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You could try a Master Boot Record repair.

Boot with the XP installation CD.

When prompted press R to repair Windows XP installation.

You may be presented with a host selection if you were running a duel boot system so press 1 to select XP.

When and if prompted enter the administrators password.

You should be at the recovery console.

Type in without the quotes... "fixmbr" hit enter. quite a few warnings will pop up

Type "y" (no quotes) and hit enter to carry out the MBR repair.

Type exit and hit enter to leave the recovery console and reboot.

You may have a booting HD again.

Good luck.

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Ok so atm it sounds like the CD drive is not set to first priority boot.

and that has to be sorted before you try CD booting.

Do you see the early boot detection screen?

if so Do you know how to get into bios and set CD boot priority?

Ok I am not going to type a longe session here if you dont know how to, sorry have to go shopping (wife.nag.married32dll infection). http://www.hiren.info/pages/bios-boot-cdrom <-- that will give you some guidance.

Good luck

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If I hit C on startup, it tries to start from cd, then starts from hard drive, which isn't able to boot all the way.

I can get to the screen where it gives you the option for safe mode, etc. but it won't boot all the way.

I think the spyware disables the drive...


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Are you getting any boot options from the CD?

If set correctly the computer should automatically detect the inserted CD, and a message "Press any key to boot CD" should appear. if so refer to my first post on getting to the Recovery Console.

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