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SuperAntiSpyware Professional - Scheduling feature ?

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I am thinking of upgrading from free to professional version for scheduled scan feature, but first I would like to know:

.... Does the Scheduler feature of SAS Professonal use the Win XP Task Scheduler or does it use its own internal scheduler ? If not, can you please add this option to the next release ?

I ask this because I only like pgms with scheduling features that either directly add there schedules to Win XP Task Scheduler automatically or at least give command line switch option (to execute a "scan") so that I could manually add its scan to a schedule in Win XP Task Scheduler. .... When SAS has this option I will go from the free to the paid version !!!

... Why ?, Well I personally like have only 1 central scheduler (e.g. Win XP Task Scheduler) that runs all my pgms that do scans, disk maintenance, etc, because there is only 1 place to verify all tasks running and no chance of forgeeting that some pgm is running or having to go into the interface of each pgm separately to chg its schedule.

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