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Slow scans using ubcd4win

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I'm having trouble running SAS on a couple of computers, we're running it using ultimate boot cd 4 win but unfortunatly it's just too slow to be useful.

Currently it's running on a vista 3ghz with 4 gigs of ram and something like 200gigs of harddrive (probably 40gb used), and it's been running for over 20 hours without finishing. This is something that's been going on for some time now. As far as i can remember SAS worked fine this summer on a couple of computers but nowdays it just takes forever to do nothing.

I can understand it takes "a long time" to scan many files, it's currently working somewhere around 230.000, but that's almost nothing in todays windows os's. It does about three files per second.

The current computer has enough CPU and ram to use ubcd4win without problems, from what i can see though SAS uses 100% cpu, that might be why this is taking so long. Am i really the only one who's experienced this?


Actually i just now realized i'm running 3.9.1008. I'll try a newer version before complaining again. sorry.

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