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Scanning Options suggestions

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I'd like to see some additional scanning options

(1) If I'm using the computer I'd like for SAS to pause scanning my system until I'm not using it. When SAS detects that I'm not using my computer then it should resume. Possible option to determine usage - as a configuration option I could select one or more things that would tell SAS what to consider as busy, example keyboard input equals usage.

(2) I have some rather large HDs (2 - 2TB RAID5 arrays, 7 - 1TB disk) and when I build my next system it will have one 11TB RAID6 array and possibly other RAID arrays, plus several 1TB disk). Thus it is near impossible for SAS to scan my system before I will be rebooting. It would be super nice if SAS kept track of what had been scanned and scanned only the non-scanned items. Once a scan is completed on a HD then the tracker would then be reset showing that nothing on that HD had been scanned and start tracking when the next scheduled scan started.

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More suggestions

It would be super nice to see a progress indicator.I realize it would not be 100% accurate but it would be much better than what we presently have. I've just installed on my laptop 120GB with 19GB free and it has been running for 21 hours and is now in my "Programs Folder", thus we are close to the end but it would be really nice to know how close.

Another desirable feature - a pause/suspend that would allow me to resume a scan, even after a reboot, at the point where the scan was stopped.

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