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svchost.exe HELP Please! this is bugging the heck out of me.

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ok, when i run sas it says that i have svchost.exe trojan dropper. now I will fill in a few details about some symptoms that my computer has. at the curren time i run pc tools (can't permanently remove it) sas, can't permanently remove it, and McAfee (completely sucks and can't remove anything), and if I don't have pc tools(spyware docter) helping me, it activates this virus or another one. but anyway, spyware docter is constantly blocking a program from activating itself and when it does activate, it completely disables my fire fox, and after a few hours on the aplications tabs at the start menu, if i look in the arror areas all my tabs will say empty. when i reboot this goes away but firefox remains unusable so i activate spyware docter. how can i get rid of this virus for good? it is bugging the heck out of me and it says the the locations is C:/Windows/svchost.exe ok i no that this is a system tool under normal conditions so can I delete it in safemode or do i have to replace it or will sas do it for me?

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