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"Show SAS icon in syst. tray" vs. "Enable rtp"

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When I open SAS Control Center >General and StartUp and I select "Start SAS when Win. Sarts" BUT deselect "Show SAS icon on system tray" the behavior when I re-boot or start the PC is that SAS Control Center opens and the icon does not appear on the sys tray, so far so good, but if I close the SAS Cont. Center, the SuperAntiSpywar.exe process closes too leaving un-protected the PC, despite having enabled the "Real-time protection" on the Control Center.

I had the idea that if you de-select "Show SAS icon on system tray" but keep enabled the "Real-time protection", the icon simply did not appear, but the SuperAntiSpywar.exe process kept working, but it seems not to work that way, so what is the use to have enabled the Real-Time Protection if it is going to be overridden by the "Show SAS icon on system tray" option?


That is correct. You have to have the icon in the system tray for real-time protection to be active.

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