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Hi Randy, welcome to the forum. Boot into Windows Safe Mode by going to (for XP) Start> All Programs> SUPERAntiSpyware> Bootsafe. Choose Safe Mode - Minimal and press Reboot. Run a complete scan with SUPERAntiSpyware and allow it to quarantine anything it finds. Reboot. Open, copy and paste both logs from SAS> Preferences> Statistics/Logs to a reply in this thread. Also, run a thorough scan with your antivirus program.

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Thanks Jahn. Actually a friend and myself spent about three hours on the problem and were finally successful. The well known virus disabled the anti-virus scanners I was using including SAS. When we ran a scan in safe mode it worked for awhile then re installed itself. I am not sure what I was doing, but finally found a rogue virus remover, ran a scan and low and behold it is now gone... for how long, only time will tell. If you still want the log I will send it. The virus came from a company in China that is well known for its sneaky dealings. If you need or want that information, I will send it also, it just has me scared even when I type the name...just in case.

Thanks again


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