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SAS fails removing traces of AskToolbar on Vista x64 edition

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I have the latest SAS defs and using the free edition, some registry entries are not being cleared from the Ask.Toolbar infection. Specifically:


SAS detects these and says it removed them, but upon reboot and re-scan, they are still there. I know I am not infected with this Toolbar anymore, I think it is just because SAS is a 32bit app it can't access those 64-bit areas of the registry. What I think you need is a 64-bit "helper" app that SAS can call into play to operate on 64-bit areas of the registry in such cases.

by the way thanks for the great app!

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Yeah I did a bit more searching and it appears that the 64bit PRO version will have native 64-bit drivers for realtime protection etc. I will most likely purchase the Pro version at that time, but until then I guess this kind of cleaning will have to be done manually.

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