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Adware-vundo, trojan.fake-alert not removed?

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Is an adware vundo variant as dangerous as the trojan vundo variant. Does it also try and steal information?

I used SAS to ID and remove a couple of trojan downloads a week or so ago and now have real-time protection with AVG. I continue to use SAS for scans, have a router, and also set up a restricted user account under the assumption that would help to prevent unauthorized downloads when in that login.

During nightly SAS scans or ad hoc scans I sometimes still see the adware vundo on the lists of detected threats.

Thanks in advance.

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If you google estdomains you'll find out who's behind most of it. Just make sure the sites you visit after the search are legit security sites commenting on it, not sites actually belonging to estdomains. Malwarebytes has a rather extensive post pinned on one of their forums and castlecops and wilders have a lot of info as well.
Unfortunately CastleCops is gone :( So we need to rely on Wilders and Malwarebytes. I hope they survive the DDOS attacks by spammers.

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