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Core 3650 Trace 1633

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Downloaded Core 3650 and Trace 1633 this morning for my 4.22.1014 SAS.

I have to go out tonight and thought I would check to see if there was another date (because I didn't know when I would be able to check again).

When I clicked on "Check for Updates," it went through the whole download and when I looked at the data, it still was Core 3650 and Trace 1633.

Usually, when I do a "Check for Updeates," and there are no newer updates, it will say something like "you have the latest updates," or something similar.

I did the download updates on my other computer and same thing happened. Same repeated download of Core 3650 and Trace 1633.

Is there something wrong today with the same download being done each time we click on "Check for Updates?" Anyone else have same experience?

What do we do now?

Thank you Alice

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Just thought I would mention that the same thing is now happening with Core 3652 and Trace 1634.

I checked for updates today (on both my PCs) and SAS downloaded Core 3652 and Trace 1634 again.

Anyone else experience same?

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