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Superspyware cant kill this trojan

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This trojan is named "Generic.PWS.WoW.9F1A4B7A" & "Generic.PWS.WoW.B7078E0E" It is used to steal world of warcraft account information. But it is also able to steal any password I type in on my screen (typing on my brother's computer). The WoW's laucher alerts me when a trojan is effecting my computer. I have used many programs to terminate it. Bitdefender, Panda, AVG, Spy Bot S&D, housecall, and Malwarebyte. All of these couldn't do anything to the trojan. I think bitdefender did the most and killed the .9 fersion of it, only to have .B7 come back for a while and .9 to appear soon after words wioth no internet access even available.

I then tried SUPERantispyware. I became really happy that on the first try it found 11(?!) trojans and killed them on the first scan. The WoW launcher reported no trojans or other malware on my computer, but I decided to scan again to make sure. This time it found 2 mroe trojans, and got rid of them. But now the launcher reported that there was still the Generic.PWS.WoW.9F1A4B7A on my system. Now whenever I run SUPERantispyware, it picks up nothing.

It seems like this trojan is elusive and becomes immune to whatever methods the programs use to find it. And it is replicateing/recreating itself without the use of the internet because I had the internet turned off and unplugged completely when I started scanning. The internet is still off and yet this trojan program keeps reappearing.

I can't find any information on this malware it is very new. I desperatley need help. i really don't want to have to take my computer in and wipe it clean.

(The WoW launcher in this story plays no role except to tell me that my system is infected)

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I feel for you. and the only thing you can do is to take your system and have it wiped clean. Hopefully you have backed up everything. I hate windows for this reason, cannot surf in peace without danger of getting infected by people who have nothing better to do than create malicous programs to mess up your system.

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