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I'm impressed (a bit :p)

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Am I dreaming???? Let me pinch myself.....ouch.....no I am not! :mrgreen:

WOW WOW WOW......the new SAS installer size has been reduced to 5.20 MB.....LOL....its...REALLY WOW WOW SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT.

Keep up the "good" work....

EDIT (after downloading)...stop faking things....its 5.47 MB and not 5.20 MB as mentioned on your website... :shock:

No one is faking anything. The installer is almost 2mb smaller than it would have normally been. On our download page it says "5.5MB" as the size. You are constantly looking to "catch" us in something - it's getting quite old. This forum is for helping users and fighting malware, not trying to insult the development team and company.

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