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"Your Computer may be at risk..."

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The wonderful people here at SuPERANTIspyware have been trying to help me get rid of a virus/trojan that is giving me a message like:

"your computer may be at risk. Automatic updates are shut off. click here to turn them on." On the toolbar at the bottom of the page is a red shield with a white x in it. When I hover over this icon, it show "windows security alert."

In my system, the automatic updates are on. In earlier stages of this problem, tools, internet options would flash then disappear. I un-installed IE 7 and went back to IE 6...or so i thought. I un-installed IE 7 again and the problem was gone with that part. Also within the control panel i wasn't able to access intenet options there...that is before, when i had IE 7.

So I have done the online diagnostic with the group here, a couple of times. I manually get my definiton updates, because something on my laptop is blocking them sometimes.

What is this thing that I have? I've been reading around on the net and answers range, but most are calling it a trojan of sorts..."backdoor?" i'm not too familiar.

Any ideas? suggestions? other than going insane?



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Hello. When you open that ballon (fake popup) and IE will pop up internet site, can you send that page to samples AT superantispyware.com

By doing that, they will get sample for that rogue antivirus/spyware.

As from your diagnostic report, I think they will update database tomorrow.

If you see tomorrow newer database, try perform quick scan and see if it detects anything.

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I got the same spyware. The free SuperAntispyware would not run. Could not use restore wizard. Finally locked up my computer and had to reinstall Microsoft internet explorer.

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The Red sheld is a fake and has nothing to do with Windows. I am surprised that this has not been identified by anyone yet.

https://www.superantispyware.com/definit ... ioncenter/

I have had great difficulty in successfully removing this and i nearly always backup important files, Format the Hardrive and re-install Windows, i found this the only 100% way to clean it.

I have known it come from various forms, most commonly the 'post office virus', take a look at www.Snopes.com

Have a look at your Desktop Properties (right click desktop and select properties). if you get 3 tabs only then sorry, wipe your system and re-install. if you get 5+ then you should be OK.

If i ever see that sheld on anyones PC......i'll format the drive......no messing.

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