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Some issues with my computer

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My computer has been acting kind of funny for about the past couple of weeks. It started out where it would take several attempts to get it to boot up properly, my startup programs weren't loading; and if I clicked a program on my desktop - or tried to restart- they wouldn't do anything. I also noticed error messages where it would tell me a program had stopped working, my comp would randomly freeze up; and a blue screen saying windows had to shut down would suddenly come up- in addition to my antispy/virus/ firewalls being randomly turned off.

I already had AVG, trend micro, and adaware installed; with the AVG and trend micro set for real time protection- besides the windows defender that came with my computer. In addition to super anti spyware, I also downloaded spyware terminator and zone alarm firewall. I repaired the start/run menu and windows task manager using super anti spyware, as well as performing full spyware/virus scans with super antispyware, spyware terminator, AVG, adaware; and trend micro.

My computer is functioning much better now, but I still notice some issues with it. Sometimes, it still takes a couple of attempts to get it to boot right, my e mail account won't connect; and sometimes when I click restart- it doesn't do anything- I have to hold the button down on my comp. After I restart, my e mail will connect then; but then it stops at some point. Does anyone know what could be causing these remaining issues? All of my antispyware/virus programs come up with nothing. I am very satisfied with the super antispyware program though, it caught a lot of infections that my other programs weren't catching. I'm wondering if the issues I'm still having with my comp could be some kind of new malware, or another issue?

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Hi Blondieblue.

The computers operating system is corrupt.

This forum is dedicated to SuperAntiSpyware discussion, and not computer repair.

I belong to numerous forums which deal with such matters. Here is one you can join and I'll assist you:


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