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Hello Nick and team.

Haven't been around for a while, why because SAS just runs like a dream giving me no problems. I have been meaning to drop a line all the same just to say nice job on the latest versions and the seamless running with Vista with all the UAC issues resolved, automatic updating and upgrading just happening in the background. No more uninstalling and reinstalling to do a version upgrade, (handy for me as I always forgot to do the transfer licence bit first :roll:).

Just want to say thanks and look forward to future versions.

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Hi Sunniebear

Its good to know your still arround, been a while since I've seen a post from you, hope life's treating you well.

I'm presently running the pre - release version 4.22 on a Vista Home premium machine and have to say its awesome :D

Seems to have resulted in less CPU activity and if anything an even lower memory usage.

Yes indeed many thanks to Nick and the team for the excellent product!

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