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My suggestions for future versions

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My suggestions for future versions of SUPERAntiSpyware:

* = importance level


-**I think that it would be nice to make a Tray Icon that changes when SAS updates, scans and, most important, when the protection is off.


-***An "interactive" protection, so that you can decide what to do with a threat. On the other hand, the automatic one, when the threats are automatically blocked, and there should also be an option for automatic quarantining. Please see the image below.


-***When a threat is detected, there should be a button to remove all/selected the detected threat(s) immediately, rather than rely on scanning first. (Look at the image below).


-*****An option to protect the Windows HOST file, so that if a threat tries to block access to specific websites, the user gets notified. (Similar to the Hi-Jack protection)

-***A browser plugin which can block known bad websites(not a full featured rating system like SiteAdvisor or WOT, just one that blocks dangerous websites). It should be IE-Firefox-Opera compatible. If this is not possible, an immunization features, that adds the dangerous websites to the Windows HOST file. This can be extremely helpful to prevent known and uknown infections.


-**An option to decide what type of threats to detected, at least an option that lets you decide whether or not to detect Not Harmful applications( like Jokes etc.).

-*The ability to set the priority of the scan, to avoid unecessary slowdowns.

-****The ability to use multiple instances of the scanner, come on, don't be primitive! :P


-***An option to automatically remove tracking cookies, without notifying the user at all, before a quick/complete/custom scan (So scan for and remove tracking cookies first, then continue with the other scanning parts).


-*The ability to schedule updates at a specific date and time.

-*When a threat is detected, it would be nice if there was some characteristic sound,(for ex: Kaspersky has that screaming pig, Avira a beep etc.) as well as the ability to set a custom sound.


A SUPERAntiSpyware bootable Rescue disk, (which can be updatable), for very nasty infections.

An Online Scanner, which can detect and remove threats, to use when you cannot use the Rescue disk and you cannot install programs(in case of file-infectors/corruptors).

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I think a good idea would be that if superantispyware detects a keylogger on your machine it should have the power to tell you where the keylogger is located and the name of the keylogger program. it should not just tell you that the keylogger is located in the registry and show you the registry keys that are the virus.

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I too am interested in some form of a bootable media, CD or flash drive that I can use to run first before windows has a chance to boot and load the junk, slowing down the scans. Does this software already have an option to scan on startup before all other software? ( I use that feature in Spybot S&D. ). I've been using a bootable boxed version of NAV 2009 that can boot from the CD into windows as long as windows is installed, which is kinda cool. It even connects to the internet and downloads the latest definitions. It does take out some nasty stuff, but It's never clean until I run SuperAntiSpyware ! Thanks for making such a great product and for using so little resources.

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